Hydroponics & Hydroponic Systems


At Hydronaturals we have taken hydroponics to the next level by combining hydroponics with wind and solar power to bring our customers a new age of hydroponics.

Our systems use wind and solar to power the entire facility which eliminates your energy cost and provides for a cleaner environment that is sustainable and competitive. You no longer have to calculate your energy cost into the equation of overall cost in operating a hydroponics facility.

Add to this a huge savings in water cost because we recycle and retain all of our water except the water that is absorbed by the product and lost to evaporation. We filter the water through reverse osmosis and start with only a pure consistent water so the base water supply is pure and constant. We then and only then add totally organic nutrients by feeding the fish only organic nutrients. This provides a second revenue stream by having organic farm raised Tilapia for sale. When the fish reach a certain length and weight we sell them and replace them. Add to this a surplus of energy that we sell back to the utility companies.

Bottom line: Our overall cost is actually lower then the cost of raising produce under normal farming methods.

Modular Hydroponics

By incorporating modular hydroponic systems we can quickly change our product and needs to meet the demands of the season or area. All of our buildings are environmentally built using sustainable resources locally sourced whenever possible. This further lowers our costs and helps protect the environment

This is a "True Organic" process from start to finish. No one else has this ability or can make this offer of totally organic structure, energy and grow process. If you would like to learn more then Contact Us Today