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For the last decade we have been providing information, systems and consulting services for the green environment.

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About Company

Why We are Different

At hydronaturals we are activively involved in providing information and system designs that fit your needs. We provide design services and consulting services for the hydroponics industry and the green energy industry. Our proprietary systems combine green energy with a true organic methodology to the grow process. What sets us apart is our approach to providing green energy to our grow facilities which eliminates energy costs.

"True organic" is our approach and we keep it all organic from the nutrients we feed the plants to the water and energy used to operate the facility.

Why Choose Us

Our team of professionals is passionate about protecting our food supply and about protecting our environment. We design only systems that are energy efficient and conserve water. We provide a system that has infinite potential for expansion.

What You Get

You receive only the latest in hydroponic and green energy technology. Our staff and our advice comes from years of study and tried and true methods of energy conservation, water conservation and a desire to provide sustainability to the client and our planet.

Meet The Energy

When we say meet the energy we don't just mean the people we mean the energy systems we use to power our facilities. All of these systems are tailored to meet your specifications and a standard of sustainability.

Meet The Players

Our Energy Supply

New Age Wind

Meet the new age of Wind Generation

Our Secondary Energy

New Age Solar

Meet the new age of Solar

Modular Hydroponics

Cutting Edge Hydroponics

We custom design our hydroponics systems to meet your needs

Timothy Dennis

CEO, Founder

Tim has been in the technology industry for 38 years and in the green environment for a decade. His passion to protect the planet is unsurpassed and infectious.

Our Affiliates

We are affiliated with a group of knowledgeable in the industry and passionate about environmental protection and sustainability